Poor People Now was created to help poor people find resources that could help them. It has links to all kinds of organizations. I created it because I was living in Potosi, Missouri at the time and unemployment is 25 % in that town. I was living with my dad at the time waiting to be hired. We actually had people knocking on door asking for food and money. I decided that I would build this site in order to help people get to the resources that already are available. I found so many resources some I would not have even thought about such as diaper banks. If you know someone in need check it out.




Creative Computer People is my Dad and my company. We work with individuals and writers with their websites. When I joined my dad’s company he didn’t even ┬áhave website. So I created one because we need one if anyone is going to find us. I built one and then I redesigned later on and will be updating it soon. I also added a social media platform with Facebook and LinkedIn. I currently still updated these on regular bases.



Universe of Wonders is a book my dad wrote. He needed to market his book. I said “I will make you a website and social media platform” and I did. It has changed a lot throughout the years with updates and one complete redo. You can still go to www.jameseye.com to see the old website. I also helped him make some videos to go along with his book. We made the book available as an ecommerce site as well and are working on developing a mobile app to compliment the book.



Ft. Worth Janitorial was one of the websites I designed completely while I was working for Mission Vista Productions now know as Red Hook Creative Group. I also kept it updated and maintain along with many others during my time in Texas.