Prepared for: Dr. Hong Sheng

Prepared by: Tyler Knobbe, Wenyong Lu, Melody Eye

Date: 9/10/12

Background Information

P.G. Shocks is a St. Louis based company that supplies high schools across the United States with free drug prevention and anti-violence book-covers and folders.   The products are funded through the selling of advertisements on the products to local merchants.  Telemarketers play a vital role in the company by setting appointments for outside sales representative to meet with high school principals to install the program.  Currently, P.G. Shocks uses an alphabetized index card system to keep track of data regarding past client schools.  Multiple times a day, telemarketers need to refer to this data to make good decisions on what schools to call and to understand information regarding renewals, schools that P.G. Shocks has a standing, long-term contract with to supply drug prevention products to the school on a yearly basis.  Our group has selected the task of designing a software program that can serve as a database for past client school information, is capable of sending out reminders for renewals, and is able to generate reports on employee performance and customer satisfaction over a given timeframe.

Client Expectations

Through contact with the President of P.G. Shocks, Mr. Greg Shocklee, it has been determined that the software should include a search database for school information to replace the index card system.  The database should contain the following information:

  • School Name, Address, and Phone Number
  • Enrollment
  • Town Population
  •  % of families at/or under the poverty level
  • % of students qualifying for  free lunch program
  • Amount of advertisement sold(in USD)
  • Date completed
  • Date printed
  • Contract(y/n)
  • notes
  • Telemarketer
  • Outside Sales Representative


Additionally, the software should have a function capable of setting and sending out reminders for renewal school on a yearly basis. The software must also have the ability to generate reports on employee performance (both outside sales representatives and telemarketers) and customer satisfaction (school and merchant).

Deliverables and TimeFrame

The design of a software program that has the capability of allowing easy access to school information, the function of reminding organizational members of upcoming renewals, and the ability to generate performance and customer satisfaction reports by the November 9th, 2012 to Mr. Greg Shocklee, President of P.G. Shocks.  Additionally, the software will result in:

  • Have a school information fetch time of less than 10 seconds compared to currently over 1 minute when index cards are used.
  • An increase in renewal profits by 10% over the first month after implementation
  • An increase in employee performance by 15% over the first month after implementation




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